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Hello, everyone.
This is mpWAV, the creator of the best human-oriented masterpiece wave.

With mpWAV’s distinctive technology, we introduce a new level of Hearing Assistant that you have never experienced before. Not only those with severe hearing loss who always need hearing aids, but also the general public can conveniently get help when and where they want, just like when talking with people in a noisy environment.
We will continue to make every effort to create the masterpiece wave that can impress our customers. We promise to be with you as the masterpiece products worthy of the reputation “Sound is mpWAV”


  • CES 2024 Innovation Awards
    in Mobile Devices,
    Accessories & Apps

  • CES 2024 Innovation Awards
    in Digital Health

  • Winner of AccessABILITY Awards
    by USA TODAY Reviewed

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