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Winning 1st place in the 3rd competition of the 2022 Artificial Intelligence Grand Challenge



On November 24, 2022, the ‘2022 Artificial Intelligence Grand Challenge Competition’ award ceremony was held at KINTEX.

VARCO team, including mpWAV, took 1st place in the 3rd competition.

The ‘Artificial Intelligence Grand Challenge’ is a challenge/competition in which participants compete based on preliminary research conducted voluntarily to solve the presented problem.
Initially, the 1st (’17) and 2nd (’18) competitions were held for a single year, but they were expanded and reorganized as multi-year competitions from 2019 for technological advancement.

The 3rd competition, which mpWAV participated in, began with the 1st stage competition (preliminary) in July 2019 under the theme of “Utilizing artificial intelligence and robotics to solve various missions that arise in complex disaster situations”, followed by the final 4th stage competition in November 2022. A total of 175 teams and 935 people participated.

In the final competition, by using an unmanned mobile vehicle (drone) to collect and utilize video, audio information, photos sent by rescuers, and text information to report, etc. in the building, the ability to perform missions to identify the location, number, and location of rescuers is competed. and the VARCO team to which mpWAV belonged won the final championship.