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mpWAV Receives 2 Innovation Awards at CES 2024 with“ClearSense Audio” – Helps Hearing Aid Even Through an App Clarifying Preferred Sounds Only



mpWAV (CEO Hyung-Min Park) announced that they have received innovation awards at CES 2024, scheduled to be held in Las Vegas, USA, from January 9th (Tuesday) to 12th (Friday) local time.

mpWAV is a startup founded by a team led by Professor Hyung-Min Park from Sogang University, accumulating over 25 years of rich research experience in the fields of voice enhancement and speech recognition, aiming to develop and commercialize core foundational technologies that are applicable in real-world complex, noisy environments.

According to the company, based on multi-channel acoustic echo cancellation, beamforming, signal separation, and robust speech recognition technology, they offer comprehensive hardware and software solutions for various voice interface-related applications, including hearing aids revolutionizing auditory assistance devices, smart home devices, smart cars, home appliances, robots, kiosks, voice chat systems, and more.

At this exhibition, mpWAV is planning an active introduction to ‘ClearSense Audio.’ ClearSense Audio is a revolutionary mobile application that goes beyond simple hearing aid functions to alleviate hearing impairments and helps the general public hear desired sounds clearly in noisy environments.

A mpWAV representative stated, “We became aware that many middle-aged and older individuals experience significant discomfort in daily life due to various surrounding noises affecting communication.” They added, “Many of them neither have severe hearing loss nor prefer wearing hearing aids due to concerns such as exposing the appearance of wearing hearing aids, excessive auditory stimulation from sound amplification, and the cost.”

To address these issues, mpWAV developed technology that uses the user’s smartphone and earphones to selectively eliminate noise in noisy sound environments, enabling the user to hear only the desired sounds without distortion.

The representative further explained, “This product not only solves the fundamental problems of hearing aids but also has been developed as an affordable app, enabling anyone to receive auditory assistance without any burden when needed.”

At CES 2024, mpWAV received innovation awards in the ‘Mobile Devices, Accessories & Apps’ and ‘Digital Health’ categories, acknowledging its improvement in users’ quality of life and achieving social value.

The mpWAV representative mentioned, “This solution is unaffected by language characteristics, allowing us to enter overseas markets without significant barriers. At CES 2024, attended by people worldwide, we will introduce ‘ClearSense Audio’ through live demonstrations to prove its excellence.” They continued, “We anticipate an official launch in the early half of next year. After the release, we will continue to evolve the app based on user feedback to satisfy needs continuously. We are also discussing various application product releases through collaboration with partner companies requiring hardware and software technology related to voice interfaces.”

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